DAHON K3折りたたみ自転車の購入レビュー

この動画は、DAHON K3という折りたたみ自転車の購入レビューです。

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Title: Introduction to the review of the purchase of the DAHON K3 folding bicycle

This video is a review of the purchase of the DAHON K3 folding bicycle.
The YouTuber was looking for a small and light folding bicycle to travel around Okinawa by plane and found this bicycle.
In the video, the YouTuber takes the bicycle out of the car, takes it out of the bicycle bag, assembles it, maintains it for the first time, and reviews the actual ride.
The reason why the YouTuber bought this bicycle is that it is light and small.
In addition, the BAONUOR bicycle smartphone holder is also introduced in the video.
The YouTuber is also active on Twitter and blogs, so be sure to check them out.

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